I have to say half a year ago, Hong Kong is the worst place to be if you are a Mexican food fan. There are some Mexican restaurants here and there but the food quality is just not up to par… Not even as good as fast food chain Chipotle!

But this all changed within this half year. There had been some notable new Mexican restaurant openings and Soxialito is one of them!


Open kitchen where you get to see how the magic is done! Now I know why they call it hell’s kitchen..

Located at my previous fav nightclub spot, I came to Socialito with a bit of a grudging (it took away my fav night life!). But I was willing to give it a chance to prove that the food warrants it to take over such a prime real estate location in LKF.

The front of Socialito is an open kitchen and you can sit and observe how the magic is done! And I had brought my Mexican ami who actually did grow up in Mexican city to help give the verdict.


Guacamole & Shrimp cerviche…Can just snack on these forever!

freshly made guac wih handmade chips



We ordered guacamole with chips, 2 tacos and shrimp ceviche. Overall, I’d say it was good and way above quality of most other Mexican restaurants in Hk! Especially the skirt steak tacos! It definitely is a good chill place to snack on dinner (done with frozen margaritas! Or tequila shots…!)


Mi bella amiga =)


Word of warning.. Their frozen magaritas are strong!

Look forward to explore the indoor restaurant / disco (after 11.30) in my next visit!

Shop 2, G/F The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong


Blue Smoke Bar-B-Que

Another hidden gem in Central I have to say (I guess pork sandwiches and BBQ ribs aren’t exactly taste-bud friendly to locals).

The first time which brought me to visit Blue Smoke was because its much more popular neighbor below Bistecca was full and I had to look for elsewhere for lunch! They have an option for buffet lunch, it was reasonably price for its quality and that’s how I was brought back for a second time! Dinner instead with my fellow NY girls =)


Iconic blue sign at Blue Smoke’s entrance

Ready to pig out for BBQ, I opted for the ribs rack and the mac n cheese on the side. And the portions definitely come in authentic American portion!


All these good for 3 girls!

The ribs were good – hard to go wrong I’d say? But the best part of the meal were DEFINITELY the sides, namely the Mac n cheese and sweet potato fries!!

Mac n cheese is definitely one of my fav comfort foods… I used to order from my fav place Eatery on 53rd and 9th in New York, which is literally a block away from where I lived (it’s called Mac and jack!). This is the first time I rekindled with this magically happiness from Blue Smoke’s Mac and cheese!

And onto the sweet potato fries… It’s hard to describe – lets just say it will definitely prompt you so say “wow” at least in your mind =)


Till we reunite again =)

Had a lovely gals evening with CP visiting from NY!

Blue Smoke
3/F Grand Progress Building
15-16 Lan Kwai Fong

The Salted Pig

So I finally downloaded WordPress app on my phone and I promise to update my blog much more often going forward!

Reflecting upon my life recently, I have come to conclusion that food / eating is still my biggest passion. It was my bad that I took a break when I first moved back to Hong Kong but I am determined to pick it up again as this is what I enjoy =)

Recently, there had been many new restaurant openings at L’place on Queen’s Road Central. One of the hidden jems I’d say is The Salted Pig on 2/F.


Doesn’t it just remind you of England!

Its decor resembles very much like any pub you find will find on the streets of London. However, instead of fish and chips, you are going to find pork and chips instead.

I really liked how spacious the place is, given my often frustrated experiences waiting in long lines at crowded brunch places in soho. I would highly recommend the salted pig as an alternative for Sunday brunch.


Spacious seats – not something you can easily find in HK

With the recommendation of our friendly server, my friend Freda and I both the pork burger. And frankly speaking I have never been a burger fan but this is definitely one of the best burgers I’ve had! The pork was cooked right – juicy & flavorful & simply said DELICIOUS!


Before we devoured these delicious Salted Pig Burgers

Look at our happy faces =)

The Salted Pig
2/F, L’Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


These days, Queen’s Road East seems to keep importing from the US – from Gap, A&F to Carnevino steak (which I have yet to try!). And Lupa – opened by New York celebrity chef Mario Batali is one of the items which also belong to this list which I decided to try for my gals birthday dinner this year.


I’ve heard mixed reviews about the place and therefore I came a bit worried. But the reason to why came clear afterwards (please keep reading!)


Our beautiful private room

I was lucky enough to get this beautiful private room for my dinner. Recommended by our server, we ordered the cold cuts platter Carne Grande as appetizer. And of course it is hard to go wrong with prosciutto! In fact I love cold cuts so much that I had them three meals a day when I was in Italy last winter!

For mains, we ordered the Garganelli with oxtail ragu, Braised pork shoulder with averna and cucumber and the Crispy duck with salsify and saba.


Crispy Duck with Salsify and Saba


Braised Pork Shoulder with Averna

And I have to say they were all up to my expectation. I understand why some people might not have liked their pasta because they are cooked just right to al dente which some might find it “hard” but this is exactly how I like my pasta to be done! (in fact I keep my instant noodles al dente too! Not sure if that’s the right comparison…)

But all in all, Lupa definitely separates itself from a sea of subpar Italian restaurants in Hong Kong. I had a lovely birthday dinner with good food and good company!


Thanks girls for a lovely night


My birthday surprise!

Lupa by Mario Batali,

3/F, LHT Tower, 

31 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong

Whisk – The Mira

An article I wrote  for Foodie Magazine in Hong Kong on Whisk at the Mira Hotel =)

Foodie Magazine Dec 11 issue

Beautiful lights at Whisk

Festival of Lights – Whisk at The Mira

When I was in New York, one of my favorite activities leading up to Christmas was to travel up to 53rd Street and walk down Fifth Avenue (with a cup of gingerbread latte from Starbucks!) to observe all the kaleidoscopic Christmas lights and decorations displays hanging on the store fronts. Somehow just by looking at these beautiful lights would send warmth straight into my heart.

And this is the exactly the kind of warmth I felt when I visited Whisk at The Mira last week. We were lucky to be able to book the private dining room at Whisk, which overlooks the stunning galactic display of hanging glass orb lights in the main dining room designed by Miami-based interior designer Charles Allem.

The food at Whisk, like its décor is simple, modern, elegant and yet with an overall intimate feel. I started off with the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio as appetizer, which was sprinkled with truffle salt and served with aged Parmesan on slices of beetroot and tartar on the side. The combo was simply miraculous, and helps very much to bring out the freshness of the beef.

For the main, I could not resist but opt for Whisk’s celebrated Singaporean chef Justin Quek’s signature dish, Crispy Suckling Pig with Spiced Wine Sauce. And Quek has indeed lived up to his reputation – imagine a layer of succulent meat topped with a piece of thin-crisped delicious skin. Maybe a better description would be an elegantly-crafted makeover of the classic Canto “siu mei” roast pork we are all so familiar with.

For dessert, our entire table of six agreed that the Flaky Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream sounded too good to pass. Again, Quek had been able to combine seemingly disparate concepts of elegance and coziness. The thin, crispy tart topped with chestnut is beautifully crafted and yet the warmth of the pastry and coupled with creamy vanilla ice-cream makes it all so cozy and comforting.

Thanks Whisk, for a wonderful night of gastronomic festivity.


5/F, The Mira, 118 Nathan Road,

Tsim Sha Tsui

Momo Paradise

I go to Taipei almost twice every year to visit my college roommate Melissa. And one of my favorite must-go restaurant is this sukiyaki chain called Momo Paradise. Apparently, this chain is originated from Japan – if only it could expand to Hong Kong as well!

Basically, this is a timed 90-minute ALL you can get place. And it’s not like some places where they intentionally make the food come slow so it’s not exactly “ALL” you can eat. At Momo Paradise, it IS really ALL you can eat…so be sure you go with an empty stomach. There are lots of choices – unlimited supply of meat (beef/pork), veggies (mushroom, tofu, cabbage, bean sprouts etc etc, in fact they have a vegetables cart which comes around every 5 minutes).

nomnomnom! And what’s best about Momo Paradise is that their prices is very reasonable indeed.

P.S. I think the chain has now expanded across many other countries in Asia! (un)fortunately not in Hong Kong yet…Can’t imagine how fat I will get!

yes you can add eggs into the many as u want!

Momo Paradise
No. 42, Section 1, Fuxing South Rd., Da-an District
Tel: 8862 2772 1577


For my birthday this year, my mom booked a table at Felix at the Peninsula for a family dinner. I remember going to Gaddi’s which is the French haute restaurant in the basement and didn’t like it. But this time around, Felix turned around my impression of the Peninsula with a night of nothing short of amazing!


First, the view is just amazing. You get the entire view of the Victoria Harbour and HK Island skyline, which I have to say is one of the prettiest skylines in the world.

panoramic view of victoria harbour

All of us went for the set dinner which saved us a lot of mind cells to choose from the menu. All 3 courses were very well-thought and well-cooked. I am so delighted to find such high standards of western food in Hong Kong, which I have spent the past year looking for. Given the decor and the view, it’d be a very romantic place to bring any of your significant others to 🙂

Pan-seared sea bass with pea puree

Seared ahi tuna